Recording the Body

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In order to use a Rigid Body you will need to enter the dimensions or coordinates of the markers.  The MaxREAL helps you accomplish this by recording the 3D positions of the markers.  This chapter describes how to use the Rigid Body Recorder.


Place the rigid body in a good position where it is seen by the camera(s) without any distortions such as reflections of any shiny surfaces etc. and then start the Rigid Body Recorder.  After you click on the Body Recorder BoryRecorderButton button the dialog below will be displayed.  Record and Identify the points.  Once you have identified the points, the Accept and Save button will be enabled and you can select to save and exit.





Body Name


Enter the name that you want to give the Rigid Body


No of Body Markers


Number of markers the Rigid Body is made up of


Recording Duration


The duration of the recording using the current frame rate.


Number of Positions to Use


The number of rigid body positions to use to create the template.  By default, it will use only the one static position and record for 1 second and use the average of those frames.  This will use an initial template that can then be improved by adding additional recording from the Dynamic 3D viewer in Stream3D mode.  This is the recommended method.


Alternatively, you can move the rigid body around while recording and then use multiple positions to create a template.  However, since it's hard to control the motion to assure that the rigid body is in good locations with good views of the markers for each point of the recording we recommend to use this method with great care.





Preview the 3D positions in the Dynamic 3d Viewer of the markers in the rigid body to make sure they are all seen by the camera(s).




Record the 3D positions of the markers in the rigid body.




Start the Point editor to identify the markers and assign the Origin and the X/Y/Z axes.


Body Recorder Tracker Settings


Use this to change any of the settings used to do the 3D transformation for the rigid body markers.  It uses the same values as set in the Workspace 3D Tracking by default.  Use this to override these values.  See Body Recorder Tracker Settings Dialog for information regarding these paramaters.