Identifying Body Markers

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The Point Editor is used to identify and assign point numbers to the recorded markers.  When the Point Editor does the 3D transformation of the detected markers, each continuous trajectory is assigned to a segment.  If a marker becomes invalid during the recording, a marker trajectory may be broken up into multiple segments.  By assigning the same Point number to these multiple marker segments, the Point Editor will "glue" these segments together into a continuous segment.  You can use the Playback Button and/or the Frame Position Slider to find and identify these broken up segments.  When using the default, one static position, the total number of segments should be the same as the number of markers.


To identify the markers, select the Point number you want to assign it to in the Point Table and then click on the marker in the 3D view.  The marker should then change from the gray color denoting unassigned marker to the color in the table.  Once the marker has been identified, the selection will be advanced to the next point.


See the Overview chapter for an explanation of how the coordinate system of the Rigid Body will be assigned from the assigned Points.




Point Table


Shows the Points and the colors used.  You can click on a point to select.  Note that after you have identified one marker, the next point in the table will be selected so that you can easily select each point in correct order.


Summary Table


Shows the number of points in the Rigid Body, the total number of segments created by the 3D transformation and number of segments left to identify.




Will give you a short description on how to assign Points and how the Rigid Body local coordinate system will be assigned to the identified points.


Action Buttons


Clear (Del)

Clear all Marker to Point assignments and start over.

Undo (Ctrl+Z)

Undo last assignment


Accept current assignments and close the Point Editor


Cancel and close the Point Editor


Playback Button and Slider


Here you can replay the motion that was recorder to make sure that you recorded good position(s).  You can also move the slider using your mouse.  This is very useful when you need to assigned the same Point number to multiple segments.  Slide to a frame where the marker is unassigned (gray) and make sure to select the correct point in the Point table and then click in the 3D view on the marker.  You can then use the slider to find the next (gray) segment  that is from the same marker and repeat the point assignment.