Max300, High Resolution, 30-10,000 fps MoCap Camera
Max300 is a high resolution, high frame rate camera system for demanding 3D motion capture applications. It offers one the best price performance in the industry. Extremely high subpixeling resolution and frame rates up to 10,000 Hz makes this camera powerful enough to to handle any application such as biomechanics, sports, animation, crash testing etc. where accurate 3D marker tracking is of essence.
Max100, Standard Resolution, 10-200 fps MoCap Camera
Max100 is a professional camera system for 3D motion capture applications. With high subpixeling resolution and frame rates up to 400 Hz it can handle any of your demanding applications for a very affordable price. Up to 14 cameras can be networked and synchronized for high accurate tracking. Together with our MaxPRO software, it creates a powerful and affordable motion capture solution.
Max1500, Dual Sensor 3D Bar, 30-5,500 fps MoCap Camera
Max1500 series camera is our new dual sensor 3D cameras featuring ultra-compact and low-cost. With its powerful CPU and hardware image processor, Max1500 series cameras can handle very high frame rates with great precision.  Paired together with our new MaxREAL software, it creates a perfect system for low latency Real-Time Applications such as Virtual Reality, Immersive Training and Simulation.
Compact USB 3, 1.3-5.1 MegaPixel, 60-500 fps
The Sentech USB 3 cameras features a wide range of CMOS cameras. They are compact, progressive scan with software and hardware triggering, image capture, digital zoom and a feature-rich user based menu set up and control. These cameras offers high speed and high resolution with the simplicity of USB 3 but without a big price tag. Color or Monochrome available.
Standard WebCams and Camcorders
WebCams, CamCorders and Still Picture (photographs) – Typically, any WebCam or Camcorder is sufficient. WebCams or Camcorders usually record 25/30.  Some WebCams such as Logitech C922 can record 60 fps.  There are also off-the-shelf high-speed cameras on the market that can be used.

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