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Below some products that are being used in various Industrial applications
MaxTRAQ 2D Video Based Tracking and Analysis

Flexible, easy to use 2D motion capture. Record from cameras, use video or picture files. Creates C3D and ASCII files. Tracks up to 99 markers using auto, semi or manual digitizing. Analyze distances, angles, center of mass, projected points and more.  More...
MaxA Motion Analysis Software

Easy to use software package to create basic kinematic analysis with Graphs and Data that can easily be copied and pasted for further analysis or to be included in reports. Supports C3D, MOC, TSV and CSV or use the Import Wizard to virtually import any ASCII file.  More...
MaxREAL with Max1500 Camera - Real-Time 3D System

MaxREAL is a low latency, real-time motion capture software delivering 3D and 6DOF data from rigid bodies.  Together with the dual sensor camera bar, Max1500, it creates a powerful and accurate 3D system for small volume applications such as hand/finger movements, head movements etc. and is ideal for research projects and virtual reality and immersive training applications.  The pre-calibrated 3D camera makes it very easy to setup and use at a low cost.  More...
MaxPRO with Max300 Cameras - Affordable High-End 3D System

Max300 with MaxPRO software is our top of the line system that can handle up to 32 Max300 cameras and 255 markers with a capture rate of 300 fps at full 2 MP resolution or 500 fps at 1.9 MP.  With 1/32,000 sub-pixel resolution, these systems deliver highly accurate and precise 3D data. Add up to 64 channels of synchronized AD/D for force, EMG or other analog data.  More...

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