MultiView  -  Lite & Standard Editions

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The MaxTRAQ MultiView feature allows you to record, view and analyze video from several cameras size-by-size.  To use the MultiView feature, right-click in the toolbar area and select MultiView Toolbar.  This will display the following toolbar:




Use the MultiView options page to modify the default settings.  To use this features, click on the Enable MultiView synch button so it becomes red MultiSyncHot.  Start another instance of MaxTRAQ by clicking on the M2 button.  Enable MultiView on this second instance.


Recording from multiple cameras


Make sure to check Use Master Control in the MultiView options (see above). Select File-New Recording from the master (first) instance. Select and configure all cameras. In most cases the frame rate should be set to the same on all cameras. Select the correct master/slave or external/slave timing if the cameras supports this. See your camera documentation for more information on how to configure the cameras for multi camera setups. 


Click on Viewer to show a live image from each camera. Click on start to start recording. If using external trigger, make sure to wait until all cameras are ready for the external trigger. 


After the recording has finished, you can select the range of frames to save (if supported by camera). If you need different ranges for each camera, temporarily disable the MultiView synch in the camera view and then select the range. This can be useful when you need to software synch the cameras. After you have selected the range, enable MultiView synch again.


Select File-Save As from the master instance and select the file as a MultiView File type. This will save the video from each camera using the suffix specified in the options and an index file with a mqm extension.


Opening multiple files


If you have enabled Use Master Control it is recommended that you use the MultiView file type when saving video from multiple cameras. This makes it very easy to open multiple files from the master instance. If you want to open multiple files not recorded using MultiView, then you can either disable Use Master Control or temporarily disable the MultiView synch and open each file separately.