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The Function Toolbar lets you define shortcuts to MaxTRAQ scripts and external programs such as Excel etc.  To define the functions, use Tools-Options and select the Function Bar page.  The functions can be invoked by using the Function Toolbar or a shortcut key.  You can assign a bitmap to use as an icon in the toolbar.  This bitmap should be a bmp file with a 18x20 resolution.


Example of Function Toolbar with 3 functions assigned




Use the Function Bar options page to define the functions.




NameThe name of the function.  This name will also be used as the toolbar tool tip.
Run ScriptRun the specified MaxTRAQ script..
Execute Shell CommandRuns an external application or opens a document using the assigned program.  For example, you can specify index.htm as the shell command and it will open in your default browser.
Command ParametersAny parameters to pass to the external application..
Copy Current Frame to ClipboardThis will copy the current video frame (tracker mode only) to the clipboard so that you can paste it into a document.
Save Current File FirstSaves the current file before running the external application.
Shortcut KeySpecifies a shortcut key.
Icon BitmapBitmap for the button icon.  this must be a bmp file with a 18x20 resolution.