Tracking Rigid Bodies

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Before you can track and generate any 6DOF from Rigid Bodies you need to define your Rigid Bodies and your 3D tracking environment.  This is done in the 3D Tracking Tab.




Here we're using the simpler and easier to use M3 Tracker.  It uses Rigid Bodies with 3 markers configured in a triangle where each side has a different length.  You can use up to 4 different Rigid Bodies in the current version.  Here you can also save or load Body Definition Files.


The Max Residuals and Predictor Window values depend on the 3D measurement volume.  The values above is a reasonable example for a volume about 600x600x600 mm.  See Table Suggested Tracking Parameters.


Please refer to the chapter 3D Tracking for more information about the different settings.


You can now test your settings by selecting Stream 3D from the main Toolbar or use the shortcut Alt+S.



To configure the TCP/IP streaming output, please continue with the next chapter Streaming to TCP/IP.