Widgets  -  Standard Edition Only

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Widget are min MaxTRAQ applications that attaches themself to the outside edge of the main window.  Currently there are 4 Widgets, a calculator, a calendar, a notepad and a wizzard.


The Widget Toolbar





A simple scientific calculator.


A very simple calendar.


Manual Event Recorder.  Use the function keys F1-F8 or double-click on a cell to toggle an event.  Use arrow keys to step forward or backwards in the file.  To play a file forward, use Ctrl+G or PageDown.  To play a file backwards, use Ctrl+B or Delete.  To stop playback, use Space or Esc.  Click on the options icon to display the options dialog.  The events can be saved to an ASCII file.

Please Note; The Event Recorder must be the active window in order to use the shortcut keys.


A notepad to keep notes.  The notes can be saved as .txt files.  You can drop a .txt file onto MaxTRAQ to open up the myNotes widget.


The main intention with the Wizzard is to provide a way to create custom guides and/or tutorials.  It is implemented as a min browser so you can use any html editor to create these guides/tutorials.  Special hyperlinks (HyperScript) have been implemented so you can control MaxTRAQ by using these hyperlinks.

HyperScript format:

href="MaxTRAQ:SimpleScript Command"