MaxTRAQ Files

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MaxTRAQ can handle the following file types/formats.  Please note that MaxTRAQ is not able to read any of the ASCII file formats.


File Type



MaxTRAQ Files (*.mqf, *.maq)


This is the default file type when you open or save a MaxTRAQ file.  This file contains all the points and tools you have created along with a reference to the videoI file.  A MaxTRAQ file can be opened and editied.

This file does not have the actual video in it.  Instead it maintains a link to the original video.  If it can't find the linked video in the original folder, it will search in the same folder as the .MQF file when opening a file.  If the video file can't be found when opening the file, MaxTRAQ will prompt you for the video file.  You can also have MaxTRAQ prompt and search for a video file by holding down CTRL+ALT when opening a .MQF file.  This allows you to link a new video to an .MQF file.

Video Files


The current version of MaxTRAQ uses video clips of type AVI, MPG, MQR and optionally MP4/MOV.  To analyze a video sequence, open a video file and start digitizing.  Once youre done digitizing/analyzing you should save it as a MaxTRAQ file (see above).

In case of MPEG files, MaxTRAQ can only use MPEG-1 files.  Any other MPEG format are not suitable for motion capture. 

You can also save an analyzed video file to an AVI file.  This new AVI file will include all the visual components such as points, sticks and tools.

Image Files

Read Only

MaxTRAQ can read a series of images files as a video.  The series must be numbered consecutively but can start at any number.

For example:

Point Files (*.mqp)

Read Only

This files contains 2D coordinates from MoCap cameras that calculates the centroids of markers.  Currently we support the Max300 cameras.  A Point File may also have a MQR file connected to it so that the raw video can be overlaid.

MaxTRAQ Template Files (*.mqt)


This file is similar to the .maq file except it doesnt have a reference to an AVI file.  If you want to analyze a series of similar video sequences, save the first one as a Template File and use this template when using the New command to analyze subsequent AVI files.

MaxTRAQ ASCII Files (*.mqa)

Write Only

Use this format if you want to export you points and/or tools and do further analysis in another program.

If youre using MaxMATE to analyze the data, make sure that the MaxMATE option is selected (click Options in the Save As dialog).

C3D Files (*.c3d)

Write Only

You can export files to C3D format.  Since C3D files are for 3D data you have to project the 2D data into a plane.

MaxTRAQ Script Files
(*.mqs, *.mqb, *.mqc)

Read Only

MaxTRAQ supports scripting using Simple/HyperScript or for more advanced tasks, MyBASIC2 which is a full featured programming language including an IDE and debuggers.