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Shortcut Key




Displays or hides the toolbar.  See User Interface

Script Bar


Displays or hides a Script Bar

Status Bar


Displays or hides the status bar.

Side Bar


Displays or hides the tracker or recorder side bar.  A side bar is the area to the right of the video display.  See User Interface



Displays or hides the graph.  See User Interface

Table Check Boxes


Displays or hides the check boxes in the point/tool table.  See User Interface



Displays or hides the grid.

Scale Numbers


Displays or hides scale numbers.

Time Display


Displays or hides the Frame and Time display.  The Frame and Time display is useful if you print or copy/paste the current image.

Tracking Outline


Toggles the tracking/threshold outline on or off.  See Autotracking for more information

Continuous Play


If turned on MaxTRAQ will play the file continuously until stopped.

Point Markers 4
    Show Coordinates


If turned on, the 2D coordinates for each point will be displayed next to the Point Marker.

Point Markers 4
    Show Point Names


This will display the Point Names next to the Point Markers.

Point Markers 4
    Show Traces


If turned on, a trace will be drawn for each point.  You can customize the length and color using the Options command in the Tools menu.

Point Markers 4


Uses a unfilled circle as point markers.

Point Markers 4
    Filled Circle


Uses a filled circle as point markers.

Point Markers 4
    Numbered Circle


Uses a filled circle with the point number as a point marker.  This marker is slightly larger that the marker size specified in the Options dialog.

Point Markers 4


Uses a x to as point markers.

Point Markers 4
    No Marker


Hides the point markers.

Tools 4
    Show All Tools


Shows or Hides all tools.

Tools 4
    Show Distances


Shows or Hides Distance tools.

Tools 4
    Show Angles


Shows or Hides Angle tools.

Tools 4
    Show Notes


Shows or Hides Note tools.

Tools 4
    Show Scale


Shows or Hides the Scale tool.

Tools 4
    Show Stick


Shows or Hides Stick tools.

Zoom 4
    Scale to Window


This will use all available space to display the video images.

Zoom 4
    Keep Aspect


This will use all available space but retain the x/y aspect ration of the vodei images.

Zoom 4
    Original Size


Scale the image to its original size.