Start Digitize

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Lets get started!


ØGo to File and open up your AVI file.
ØFigure out how many points you want to track.  Lets say 3 points.
ØGo to Number of Points, use the arrow and click up to 3
ØIf you want to Rename the points, right click on each one and rename them.
ØTo start to digitize, make sure that the Digitize, Auto Point and Auto Frame are selected.  The Digitize button tells the system that you are going to digitize.  The Auto Point button tells the system that to advance to the next point and the Auto Frame advances to the next frame automatically. 
ØMake sure in the point table that the first point is always highlighted.  Typically, point #1 will correspond to the first point of interest in the AVI file.
For example, point #1 is the shoulder, point #2 is the elbow and point #3 is the wrist.
ØSince you have the Auto Frame on, you will automatically advance to the next frame.  Repeat, point and click on point in sequence.
ØAfter you have finished your digitizing in all the frames, turn off the Digitize button.