Using Script Bars

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Using Script Bars is the easiest way to extend the functionality of MaxTRAQ.  Simply load a Script Bar from a folder with MyBASIC2 scripts.  Files with extensions .MQB and .MQC  are recognized as scripts by default.  You can customize many aspects of a script bar such as the header, files being used, order of files, icons and dividers.  In order to get the most out of script bars, we recommend you to download and install the MyBASIC2 Developers IDE from the Innovision Systems, Inc. web-site.


After you have installed the MyBASIC2 IDE you can customize the following aspects of Script Bars by right-click on the header and select Properties:



Folder Options

Select: No Folders, Include Folders, Show Folders First, Show Folders Last

Enable Navigation

Enable or Disable folder navigation

Include SubFolders

List Sub Folders in the Script Bar

Enable AutoExec Script

Enable the AUTOEXEC script.  Executed when Script Bar is first loaded.

Enable Exit Script

Enable the ONEXIT script.  Executed when Script Bar is unloaded.

Enable Event Script

Enable the ONEVENT script.  Executed on events signaled MaxTRAQ

Enable Activate Script

Enable the ONACTIVATE script.  Executed when Script Bar is activated.

Enable Deactivate Script

Enable the ONDEACTIVATE script.  Executed when Script Bar is deactivated.


File Extension 1..8

Specify file extension to include without the period.  Example: BAS

Icon Number 1..8

Specify the icon number to use or -1 for none.  See ScriptBar.bmp below


Header Image

Picture file to use as header.

Header URL

URL to go to if user clicks on header

Adjust Size

Adjust the size of header to picture file

Fill Background

Fill header background with Fill Color

Fill Color

Header background fill color

Main Icon Index

Main Header icon number

Sub Icon Index

Sub Folder header icon


Display Icons

Display Icons

Display Hand Cursor

Display Hand Cursor instead of standard arrow cursor


Font to use

Text Alignment

Text Alignment: Left, Center, Right

Default Row Height

Use default row height

Row Height

Row Height if not default

Default Background Color

Use default background color

Background Color

Background color if not default

Default Text Color

Use default text color

Text Color

Text color of not default

Default Hot Text Color

Default hot text color

Hot Text Color

Hot text color if not default

Default Grid Line Color

Use default grid color

Grid Line Color

Grid color if not default

Default Header Color

Use default header color

Header Color

Header color of not default

Default Sub Header Color

Use default sub header color

Sub Header Color

Sub header color if not default

Default Divider Color

Use default divider color

Divider Color

Divider divider color if not default


Files Used by Script Bars


This contains the settings and options for the current folder.  The INI file contains the following variables that controls the users access to this file:

Settings\Protected - This file can't be modified

Settings\Hidden    - Creates/sets the file to hidden

Settings\Quiet     - Do not display error if protected

Settings\Limited   - Limit access to sections defined by SB_OPT_xxx mask


Icons that are loaded as an images list and can be used with the [icon] file name syntax.  Uses first pixel as transparent color as default First 3 items are used for Home, Up and Down


Special Script Files with Extension MQB or MQC


Executed when Script Bar is first loaded


Executed when Script Bar is terminated


Executed on events signaled by MaxTRAQ


Executed when Script Bar is activated


Executed when Script Bar is deactivated


Executed when opening a video or MaxTRAQ file


Executed when closing a video or MaxTRAQ file



File Name Syntax


You can alter the sort order and the icon by naming the files according to the following syntax






Any file or folder that starts with the exclude-filter will be excluded from being included in the list.  This can be useful when having common "system" scripts or folders. The default exclude filter is "_" so any file or folder that starts with the underscore character will be excluded.




This is used to sort the ScriptBar menu items so they can be arranged in a logical order.  The file-finder will sort the files alphabetically and by using the sort-token@ you can make sure that the items are sorted in desired order




This optional icon index is used to assign an icon from ScriptBar.bmp to the menu item




Use this extension to insert a divider.  The divider can contain text or be empty.  Use the sort-token@ to insert the divider at the desired position.


File Name Examples


Sorted Divider without text

R1@Divide Me.div

Sorted Divider with text

ZZ@More Stuff....div

Another sorted Divider with text


Menu Item with Icon Index 1

A1@Quit This Thingy[9].txt

Sorted Menu Item with Icon Index 9


Menu Item with Icon Index 10


Menu Item with default icon


Module with common functions excluded