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When you make a movie with your digital camcorder, it does the following: records 50/60 pictures per second, intermixing every 2 consecutive pictures (with half the height) into 1 frame. 2 pictures (fields) are mixed into 1 frame. This mixing is called interlacing.  Interlacing is not a bug. This is the way digital camcorders and digital VCRs record and digital broadcasting is done. One second of a movie consists of 25/30 frames = 50/60 interlaced pictures (fields). Interlacing is in fact a clever way to compress a movie when one cannot use digital compression methods.


So, deinterlacing is the process of transformation of interlaced (mixed) video frames into normal video frames (with good quality, without interlaced horizontal lines).  For more information about deinterlacing, see Wikipedia or


This is an example on how an interlaced video would look without proper deinterlacing.




MaxTRAQ supports 2 different deinterlacers as well as a simple BOB deinterlacer.  You can download the DSpace deinterlacer from our website.  A better one is avalable from Alparysoft.  Both of these will remove the artifacts and maintain the framerate.  The built-in BOB deinterlacer will double your framerate by extracting the even and odd lines in every other frame and then interpolate the missing lines.


To enable deinterlacing in MaxTRAQ, select Tools-Options from the menu and then select the Video options page.


Note; Deinterlacing is only available if you have DirectX version 9 or higher installed.



Deinterlace Options




NoneNo deinterlacing.  If video is interlaced then it will be distorted as shown in the picture above.
DefaultIf the video is interlaced or you have disabled interlace check, one of the supported deinterlacers will be used to remove the interlace artifacts.  If you have installed the Alparysoft DirectShow deinterlacer, then this will be used otherwise the the DSpace Deinterlacer will be used.  If none of them are installed, then the video will not be deinterlaced.
BOBBOB Deinterlacing is a technique to double the framerate by extracting the even and odd lines in every other frame and then interpolate the missing lines or shrinking the horizontal resolution to half the size.  If you specify Stretch Image Vertically then the missing lines will be interpolated otherwise the videos vertical and horizontal resolution will be half of its original resolution.
Disable Interlace CheckSome video formats/codecs will not report the video as interlaced until it has begun to play.  This will cause MaxTRAQ to not recognize it as interlaced and therefore not using a deinterlacer.  By disabling this check, MaxTRAQ will try to deinterlace the video regardless of the interlace status.