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Shortcut Key




Create a new MaxTRAQ recording, tracking or  MaxTRAQtemplate.



Open a MaxTRAQ, Video or Image file.



Closes the current file.

Close Batch


Close the current batch processing.



Import a file with analog data.  Files supported are MaxDAQ or Motus Baseball.



Saves the current file as a MaxTRAQ file.

Save AS


Save current file as a MaxTRAQ, AVI or ASCII file.

Note;  You will loose digitized points and tools if you dont save it as a  MaxTRAQfile.

See MaxTRAQFiles for more information

Save Snapshot


Saves a snapshot of the current frame.  Some cameras supports live snapshots from Cameras.

Create Script


Creates a SimpleScript or MyBASIC2 Script file.  This script file recreates the current points and tools.  It also sets the current views and loads any Widgets that has been loaded.  Digitizing settings can also optionally be included.

Compile Script


MyBASIC2 Scripts can be compiled into a binary file so they can't be altered.  They are also faster to execute.



Print a report with the current image.

Print to PDF


Print a report with the current image to a PDF file.

Print Preview


Shows you how the current image will print.

Print Setup


Allows you to change the printer.

Profile 4
    Load Profile


Load a previously saved profile.  A profile contains all the current MaxTRAQ settings except camera specific settings.

Profile 4
    Save Profile


Save all the current MaxTRAQ settings to a profile.  Note;  Camera specific settings from Camera Control and Setup are currently not saved in the profile.

Subject Information


Displays the Subject Information dialog.  This allows you to enter information about the subject.  This information will be stored in the video file (AVI and MQR) and MQF file.  See Subject Information for more.



Displays file properties dialog box.



Exit MaxTRAQ.  Note that MaxTRAQ saves current settings such as window size, view options etc.