Distance Tool

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The Distance Tool is used to measure the distance between 2 points or 1 point and the origin of the 2D coordinate system.  If a scaling tool has been applied, the distance is measured in the selected scaling gauge units.  Otherwise the distance is measured in video pixels.


Activate the Distance Tool from the tools menu or click on the Distance tool on the toolbar.  You can also use the shortcut Alt+D.  The following dialog is presented after you have activated the tool:



Select 1 or 2 point distance type and click OK.  The mouse cursor will then change to DistanceCursor and you can select your point(s) by clicking on them.  If you have enabled audio feedback a beep will be heard after you click on the point(s).


To cancel the Distance tool, simply select the distance command again or press ESC.  If you need to delete the distance tool, right-click on the distance line and then select Delete Distance.