Recording a Rigid Body

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In order for MaxREAL to be able to identify a rigid body, the software needs to know the measurements of the markers that it is made up of.  MaxREAL supports 2 types of rigid bodies, the M3 tracker rigid body and the M4 tracker rigid body.  Both can be measured using the Rigid Body Recorder.  The M3 tracker also gives the user the capability to enter the length of each side of the triangle manually.


Once a body has been created and recorded, you can record additional poses to increase the accuracy of the body coordinates by using the keyboard shortcut 'B' (or F11) in the Dynamic 3D Viewer.


Both types of Rigid Bodies can be saved to a Body Definition File.


Note that the Rigid Body Recorder is not installed during the regular MaxREAL installation.  It is an optional component that will be install on demand.