Command Line Options

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MaxREAL [/options]



Start in Workspace Mode.  If tab is omitted, last used Workspace Tab will be used.  Note that the Tab can be specified as the Tab index or by name.

Valid Tabs are:

0 | Camera

Start in Camera Control Tab.

1 | Calibration

Start in Calibration Tab.

2 | Tracking

Start in 3D Tracking Tab.

3 | Output

Start in Output Setup Tab.


Start Streaming 3D using the specified protocol and format.  If protocol is not specified, then the current settings are used.

Protocol is specified as:






Use specified calibration file.


Specifies the Tracker Type to use.

Valid Types are:


Use the M3 Tracker using 3 marker triangles.


Use the advanced M4 Tracker using up to 16 markers


Selects 3D Transformation Module.  This overrides the default Tracker Range selected in options.

Valid Modules are:


Use Extended Range 3D Transformation.


Use Normal Range 3D Transformation.


Use Dynamic Range Switching.  This will switch between NRT and ERT using the Dynamic Distance Threshold, i.e., the distance between the cameras and the rigid bodies.

See Tracker Ranges for more information.


Use Camera Finder to Search for Cameras.


Data Logging On or Off.  If type is omitted, then 3D is assumed. The number of frames that is logged can be controlled by the /N Option.

Valid Types are :


No Data Logging.


Turn on 2D Data Logging.


Turn on 3D Data Logging.


Turn on both 2D and 3D Data Logging.


Number of frames to log (save).  This option is only valid together with the /L option.


Specifies that camera coordinates should be read from specified 2D TSV file.


Makes specified feature Unavailable or Disabled.

Valid Features are:


Disable Camera SSD usage.  Overrides options settings.


Overrides the default Panel Show State.  Separate multiple panels with a '+'.

Valid Panels are:




Getting Started


Quick Links


Hide All Panels


Load Profile with the supplied name or if name is ? prompt for the Profile.


Developers Mode, i.e. Start without using Cameras.

/H or /?

Show Command Line Options Help.


Disable check for Dongles.  Use this only when Dongle is not used for software licensing.