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status = VIDEO.SetGridProperties( nControl      AS INTEGER,

                                  nGrid         AS INTEGER,

                                  nLineWidth    AS INTEGER,

                                  nLineType     AS INTEGER,

                                  nVert         AS INTEGER,

                                  nHoriz        AS INTEGER,

                                  fgColor       AS INTEGER,

                                  bgColor       AS INTEGER,

                                  strFontName   AS STRING,

                                  nFontSize     AS INTEGER,

                                  nFontWeight   AS INTEGER,

                                  bFontItalic   AS INTEGER ) AS INTEGER





Turns the display of grid tool on or off and sets the properties of the grid tool.   If Grid number is set to 0, then the default properties are being set.  If set to -1, then all are set.




VIDEO.SetGridProperties( nControl, 1, 1,_

                        MT_Grid_Solid, 5, 5,_

                        RGB( 128, 255, 128 ), CR_Default,_

                        "Arial", 9, MT_Font_Normal, FALSE )