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result = SK.SetDelay( nDelay AS INTEGER ) AS INTEGER



Sets the default delay value to X milliseconds. This will cause every key to be delayed X ms.  The function returns the number of millisecond actually set.


See SK.SendKeys for more detailed explanation.




' Start Notepad and insert "hello world"

SK.SendKeys( "{DELAY=50}@rnotepad~hello world%ha" )


' Activate Window with title SendKeys

SK.AppActivate( "SendKeys" )


' Send Tools->Options to the Explorer Window SendKeys

SK.SendKeys( "{DELAY=50}%to{DELAY=2000}{ENTER}" )


' Set new default delay 100 ms

SK.SetDelay( 100 )


' Send Edit->Select All to Explorer Window SendKeys

SK.SendKeys( "{DELAY}%ea" )


' Scroll through the Keyboard LEDs 5 times

FOR i = 1 TO 5