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status = PROPLIST.Create( hWnd       AS INTEGER,

                         [title      AS STRING = ""],

                         [update_btn AS STRING = ""],

                         [panes      AS INTEGER = 1],

                         [nWinPos    AS INTEGER = -1],

                         [mWinSize   AS INTEGER = 0],

                         [nFlags     AS INTEGER = 0] ) AS INTEGER



Creates the Property List.  The Window handle can be one of the following:


hWnd = 0 -> No Handle

hWnd = -1 -> Use Active Window

hWnd != 0 -> Window Handle


The Window Title and the Update Button parameters can be NULL or empty strings otherwise they will be used as the Title of the window and then Update Button will be displayed.  You can optionally provide the initial position and size of the window.


The Panes parameter is the number of panes to display.  It can be either 1 (PL_PropListPane) or 2 (PL_FileListPane).  Flags can be added to the upper word of the Panes parameter.  The following flags currently exists:


' Pane Options

CONST PL_NoMarkers         = 0x0001   ' Do not display Markers

CONST PL_NoAnalogs         = 0x0002   ' Do not display Analogs

CONST PL_UpdateComboLists  = 0x0004   ' Automatically update marked Combo Boxes

CONST PL_AutoTriggerFiles  = 0x0008   ' Automatically trigger on points and analog changes

CONST PL_SelectAll_Button  = 0x0010   ' Show Select All/Select Non button

CONST PL_ClearAll_Button   = 0x0020   ' Show Clear All Button

CONST PL_NoPointCheckText  = 0x0040   ' Do not display "No|Yes" next to point check mark

CONST PL_NoAnalogCheckText = 0x0080   ' Do not display "No|Yes" next to analog check mark


The function returns 0 if successful otherwise -1.




PROPLIST.CREATE( PL_ActiveWindow, "Kalle", "Update Graph" )


' Create with File Pane

PROPLIST.CREATE( PL_ActiveWindow, "Kalle", "Update Graph", 2 )


' Create with File Pane in Upper Left corder of Screen

PROPLIST.CREATE( PL_ActiveWindow, "Kalle", "Update Graph", 2, LONG.Make( 10, 10 ) )