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status_t mb_load_string_ex( mb_interpreter_t* s, const char* pBuffer, uint_t dwOptions )



This is an extended version of mb_load_string.  It loads a string containing source code into the interpreter.  The mb_load_file/mb_load_file_ex calls this function after it has read the source file into a buffer.  You can call this function instead of mb_load_file/mb_load_file_ex if you want to read the source code from some other source than a file or if you want to do your own file handling.


The extended version has these additional parameters:


dwOptions   - MB_LOAD_NORMAL         No additional options

             MB_LOAD_ONCE           Used for include files to indicate that

                                    it should only be included once (see $INCLUDE)

             MB_LOAD_INC            Indicates that this is an Include File

             MB_LOAD_CHECKONLY      Will only check that the file exists

             MB_LOAD_NOSYSFILES     Prevents System Include and Llibrary files to be loaded




// Load the script


if ( bFileMode )


  nStatus = mb_load_file_ex( m_bas, strFileName, NULL, NULL, dwRunOptionFlags );




  nStatus = mb_load_string_ex( m_bas, strSourceCode, dwRunOptionFlags );




if ( nStatus == MB_FUNC_OK )


  // Check if we need to start debugger (ALT Pressed)


  if ( bDebug )


     if ( !StartDebugger() )


        AfxMessageBox( "WARNING: Unable to start Basic Script Debugger" );






  // Prevent Application from exiting while running script

  SetNoExit( TRUE );


  // Set Run-Time Environment

  mb_set_environment( m_bas, m_nRunTimeEnvironment );


  // Run the script

  mb_run( m_bas );


  // Stop Debugger if enabled

  mb_debug_enable( m_bas, MB_DBG_ENABLE_NONE, 0 );


  // Reset Interpreter

  mb_reset( &m_bas, false );


  // Ok to Exit

  SetNoExit( FALSE );