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void* mb_get_userdata( mb_interpreter_t* s )



The interpreter structure has a void* user value reserved to be used by the user for any purpose.  This can be a pointer to a data structure on any other value that the user assigns to it.  To retrieve this, use mb_get_userdata.  This is normally used to exchange data such as pointer to classes etc. between the calling code and callbacks such as error and I/O handlers.





// Simple PRINT handler that uses AfxMessageBox to output the supplied strings


int CMyBASIC2View::_printstring( mb_interpreter_t* s, const char* pStr, ... )


  char  pBuffer[2048];


  va_list params;


  va_start( params, pStr );

  sprintf( pBuffer, pStr, va_arg( params, void* ) );

  va_end( params );


  CMyBASIC2View* pCurrentView = (CMyBASIC2View*)mb_get_userdata( s );


  if ( pCurrentView && ( pCurrentView->GetDocument()->GetRunMode() == eWindowsApp ) )


     AfxMessageBox( pBuffer );




  return strlen( pStr );





// Constructor




  m_bas = NULL;


  // Init My Basic Interpreter



  mb_open( &m_bas );


  // Setup callback handlers


  mb_set_error_handler( m_bas, CMyBASIC2View::_on_error );

  mb_set_inputer_ex( m_bas, CMyBASIC2View::_getstring );

  mb_set_printer_ex( m_bas, CMyBASIC2View::_printstring );

  mb_set_check_keyboard_handler_ex( m_bas, CMyBASIC2View::_check_keyboard );


  // Set userdata to point to this class


  mb_set_userdata( m_bas, this );