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status_t mb_get_fileinfo( mb_interpreter_t* s, char* lpszFileName, bool_t* lpbCompiled, void* pExInfo )



Return information about the currently loaded file.  The function returns the following information:


lpszFileName   Name of the loaded file, if any

lpbCompiled    Set if the file is a compiled file

pExInfo        A pointer to an extended information block or option flags.

              Current implementation only supports option flags.  The flags can be

              MB_FI_FLAGS   - This is flags instead of extended information

              MB_FI_ERROR   - Return information about the file that caused last error.




char     szFileName[_MAX_PATH] = "";

bool_t   bCompiled = FALSE;


// Get information about what file cased last error

mb_get_fileinfo( bas, szFileName, &bCompiled, MB_FI_FLAGS|MB_FI_ERROR );