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status_t mb_check_keyboard( short int* pKey, short int break_key )



This function calls the default keyboard handler to check if a key has been pressed and returns the key in the pKey argument.  You can supply a break key and if the break key has been pressed, the handler will return MB_FUNC_BYE otherwise the function returns MB_FUNC_OK.  If an error occurs, the function will return MB_FUNC_ERR.


This function shouldn't be called directly.  Instead you should rely on the current keyboard handler and use this together with mb_set_check_keyboard_handler if you don't want to supply your own custom keybaord handler.




short int key = 0;


if ( (  mb_check_keyboard( &key, 0 ) == MB_FUNC_BYE ) || ( key == 3 ) )


  return MB_FUNC_BYE;