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state = GRID.SaveFile( BYVAL nControl AS INTEGER,

                       BYVAL filename AS STRING,

                       BYVAL options  AS INTEGER = 0 ) AS INTEGER





Saves the current opened file as a C3D file or exports to one of the supported formats.  The output file extension will determine the export format by default.  You can use any of the option flags to alter the default options.  Returns C3D_SUCCESS if successful.


The following constants have been defined in MyBASIC2_MaxGRIDX.BIS


' Save File Formats Option Flags

CONST MG_OPT_SAVE_DEFAULT     = 0x00000000   ' Use File Type to determine Format

CONST MG_OPT_SAVE_C3D         = 0x00010000   ' Save as C3D

CONST MG_OPT_SAVE_ASCII       = 0x00020000   ' ASCII Files (TSV or CSV)

CONST MG_OPT_SAVE_MAXMATE     = 0x00030000   ' Innovision MaxMATE Format

CONST MG_OPT_SAVE_MAXDAQ      = 0x00040000   ' Innovision MaxDAQ ASCII Format

CONST MG_OPT_SAVE_6DOF        = 0x00050000   ' Qualisys 6DOF Format

CONST MG_OPT_SAVE_S6M         = 0x00060000   ' Surf 6 ASCII Format


' Format Options when Exporting

CONST MG_OPT_EXP_FRAMENO      = 0x00400000   ' Include Frame Numbers

CONST MG_OPT_EXP_TIMEOFFSET   = 0x00800000   ' Include Time Offset

CONST MG_OPT_EXP_LABELS       = 0x01000000   ' Include Labels

CONST MG_OPT_EXP_ANGLES       = 0x02000000   ' Export Angles

CONST MG_OPT_EXP_DISTANCES    = 0x04000000   ' Export Distances

CONST MG_OPT_EXP_6DOFMATRIX   = 0x08000000   ' Export 6DOF Matrix

CONST MG_OPT_EXP_RESIDUALS    = 0x10000000   ' Export 3D Residuals

CONST MG_OPT_EXP_MULTIFILE    = 0x20000000   ' Use multiple files when appropriate




GRID.SaveFile( nControl, e:\newfile.c3d )