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mask = GRID.ItemBorders( BYVAL nControl AS INTEGER,

                         BYVAL row      AS INTEGER,

                         BYVAL column   AS INTEGER,

                        [BYVAL mask     AS INTEGER] ) AS INTEGER


mask = GRID.ItemBorders( BYVAL nControl AS INTEGER,

                         BYVAL row      AS INTEGER,

                         BYVAL column   AS INTEGER,

                         BYVAL nLeft    AS INTEGER,

                         BYVAL nTop     AS INTEGER,

                         BYVAL nRight   AS INTEGER,

                         BYVAL nBottom  AS INTEGER ) AS INTEGER





Sets or removes borders on individual cells.  The second syntax allows you to set or remove border on each side of a cell.  This is only valid for non fixed cells.  For fixed cells, you can only remove or use flat borders.


' Cell Borders

CONST MG_DEFAULT_BORDER    = -1           ' Use on individual border components or as a mask

CONST MG_MAX_BORDER_WIDTH  = 2            ' Max width on cell borders

CONST MG_FIXED_FLAT        = 0x01010101   ' Mask to enable flat borders on fixed rows/columns

CONST MG_FIXED_NONE        = 0xFF00FF00   ' Mask to use to remove borders on fixed rows/columns




' Create Header Cell

GRID.ItemType( nControl, 1, 1, MG_CELL_STRING )

GRID.ItemBorders( nControl, 1, MG_COL_ALL, MG_FIXED_NONE )

GRID.ItemFormat( nControl, 1, 1, MG_DT_NOCLIP, MG_FORMAT_ADD )

GRID.ItemText( nControl, 1, 1, strTitle )