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MyBASIC2 Qualifiers





Displays MyBASIC2 version information.



Compile input file using specified dependency file


If a password is specified with the /COMPILE switch, the compiled file will be protected and the source code will not be displayed when debgging compiled code without installing a MyBASIC2.PRO password file first.


Using the @ sign with the /COMPILE switch will read the password from a MyBASIC2.PRO file.  Use /PROTECT switch to create a protection file.




Run with debugger.  Can be GUI or CONsole (default)


Specifies or resets the Error Message Levels. By default  MyBASIC2 issues an error message when returning from a script with an error condition.  This may result in many error messages depending on the nesting level, i.e. a script uses the RUN or CALL Module statements to execute another script.  If this script issues an error, then a second error message will be displayed upon return.  You can use this qualifier to limit the number of nested error messages.


Valid Range -1..256.  The default is -1 which will display an error message on each nested level.  To suppress any error messages, specify 0.




This will set OPTION EXPLICIT ON or OFF as the default state



Update File Type Associations.  This command will assign .BAS and.BAC file types to MyBASIC2.  It will also update the .BAC and .BIC file types.  You can assign .BAS and .BIS to the IDE by using the same qualifier on the MyBASIC2 IDE command.




Display MyBASIC2 Reference Documentation.




Launch the MyBASIC2 Console IDE Environment



Outputs a brief compilation status message



Launch the  MyBASIC2 IDE Environment in General Application Mode.



Launch the  MyBASIC2 IDE Environment in MaxTRAQ Application Mode.



Launch the  MyBASIC2 IDE Environment in MaxA Application Mode



Disables Loading System Include and Library files.  By default, MyBASIC2 loads MyBASIC2.bis or MyBASIC2.bic include file if exists.  This qualifier will disable loading this file.




Create MyBASIC2.PRO Protection File.  The protection file will allow the debugger to list source code in password protected compiled MyBASIC2 files.



Run specified program.  This is the default if no other qualifiers are present.  The run-time environment can be selected by by using CON or WIN on the command qualifier.  Using CON will run the program in the MyBASIC2 line mode Console Environment.  The SCREEN, FONT, COLOR and CLS statements can be used in this environment.  Using WIN will run the program as a Windows program and use MessageBox and InputBox for PRINT and INPUT.  Without CON or WIN, the program will run as a simple Windows Command Line program and use standard input and output for INPUT and PRINT.  If you want to hide the command window while your MyBASIC2 is running, specify /RUN:NULL.  This will automatically hide the command window.


If /RUN is specified together with /COMPILE, the compiled program will be launched after successful compilation.  Default file extensions for input files are .BAS for source files and .BAC for compiled programs




Wait to close console until a key has been pressed


If no command qualifiers or parameters are specified, MyBASIC2 will enter a simple Standalone Interpreter mode.  See Commands for available interpreter commands.