VISUAL3D Advanced 3D Analysis

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Advanced Analysis for 2D and 3D Data


Visual3D provides maximum flexibility for managing, analyzing, and reporting motion data collected from 2D and 3D systems. Visual3D has evolved from a clinical research tool to become the most powerful and practical solution for many industries and research fields.

  • Support for 3D Kinematic and Kinetic Analysis (Inverse Dynamics)
  • Flexible model builder for creating 6DOF segmented models for human, animal or mechanical movement
  • Push button automation of the signal processing, analysis and reporting process
  • Ability to control for poor quality data
  • Generates clinical reports
  • Works with optical motion capture systems and force platforms
  • Plug-in architecture to support other motion capture systems and data sources (cine phase contrast magnetic resonance, exoskeleton, electromagnetic, etc.)
  • Visual3D's standard input file is in C3D format (

Visual3D is the most advanced analysis package
available for managing and reporting optical 3D data.
Visual3D is the preferred solution for rigorous
and accurate 3D motion analysis.

Visual3D provides cost saving efficiency improvements by:
  • Handling data collected from multiple motion capture systems.
  • Automating processes to save money through reduced cycle times, reduced opportunities for mistakes, and reduced trainingneeds
  • Flexibility to customized the system to meet local, specific data collection, formatting, processing, analytic and reporting requirements.
  • Generating consistent reports across trials, time and systems for performance quantification and analysis.
  • Receiving a high level of customer support, including the ability to work directly with C-Motion to enhance functionality or collaborate on new capabilities.

Specialized Fields and Applications
  • Clinical Motion Analysis (including Gait Analysis), Human Factors
  • Engineering and Ergonomics, Neuroscience, Sports
  • Entertainment Motion Modeling, Industrial Processes, Animal Motion Studies and more.


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