Movement and Behavior Tracking


The IntelliTrack Video Tracking System offers a large number of measures to analyze movement and behavior. The IntelliTrack Video Tracking System is also a powerful, versatile video based motor activity analysis system that is excellent for tracking animal movements.

Data Collection & Reduction Data is collected using the subject centroid and leading edge. This prevents data skewing and aids in differentiating between fine movements and ambulations. Collected data is funneled into a comma delimited SDF file specifically set up for easy export into spreadsheets or statistical programs such as Excel.
  • User Definable Intervals
  • Distance Traveled in Inches or Centimeters
  • Fine Movements
  • Average Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Movement Episodes
  • Projected Points
  • Total distance traveled; speed and time spent in zones can be used to quantify activity or exploratory behavior
  • Zone Metrics
  • Time in Zone
  • Entries into Zone
  • Pokes into Zone
  • Distance Traveled in Zone
  • Latency to Zone Entry (from beginning of session)
  • Target Zones - Assign zone (color) as a target zone and provide latency to target
  • 4 Target Zones per Session
  • Optional End Session on Reach Target
  • Average Distance to Target
  • Target Proximity Time - Measure based on how long either point is within N units from a particular target
  • Drawing tools are provided for creating your own zone maps
  • Up to 16 separate zones can be created


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