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  Providing total systems solutions including force, EMG etc. Affordable upgrade paths and add-ons.

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  MaxPRO Powerful Motion Analysis     Max300 New 8 Camera System
All the advanced features of "high-end systems" at half the cost. MP is a powerful motion analysis tool with a proven 3D tracker. Uses non proprietary cameras. C3D compatible file format.
Price: $4,995
  decorative icon 8 Camera 100-500Hz System
Starting at $26,175
  MaxTRAQ 3D Affordable 3D Software     Max100 6 Camera System
MaxTraq Versatile and affordable 3D module (includes M2 software). Use up to 4 cameras (camcorders, hi-speed, etc.). Includes auto tracking and tracks up to 99 markers. C3D compatible file format.
Only: $1,390
  decorative icon 6 Camera 100-200Hz System
Starting at $18,975
  MaxTRAQ 2D Flexible 2D MoCap Software     MaxPRO 4 Camera System

Very easy to use and flexible 2D MoCap software. Includes auto tracking, templates, scripting and a Wizard and Widgets for course material.
Only $695 (volume discounts apply)

  4 Camera 60/120Hz System
Starting at $11,756
  MaxTRAQ Lite+ 2D Manual Digitizer     MaxTRAQ 3D 2 Camera System
2D manual digitizer for light jobs or for student projects. Has all the features of M2 but without auto tracking. Perfect for teaching and lab courses. Also used in course books worldwide.
Price: $99 (volume discounts apply)
  2 Camera 60/120Hz System
Starting at $5,863
  MaxMATE Analysis for 2D and 3D Data  

MaxTRAQ 2D 1 Camera System
MaxMate MS Excel "Add-In" that analyzes 2D and 3D motion files. Very easy to use.
Only $695 (volume discounts apply)

1 Camera 60/120Hz System
Starting at $1,974

  Visual 3D Advanced Analysis   Check out more Systems!
Visual 3D

Advanced analysis and body builder for clinical and research applications.
Starting at $10,995

  Cameras Affordable Cameras  

What's New


NEW Max300 Camera System
Max300 is our new high resolition, high speed Motion Capture camera. At 320 fps at full resolution and up to 10,000 fps at reduced resolution it can handle any of your demanding applications. Up to 224 cameras can be networked and synchronized for high accurate tracking. Together with our MaxPRO software, it creates a very powerful and affordable motion capture solution. It currently offers the best price vs performance in the industry. Hands Down!
NEW Sentech USB3 Cameras
We offer a complete line of USB 3 cameras from Sentech. They range from 1.3 MPix to 5.1 MPix with frame rates ranging from 60 fps to 500 fps. CMOS Sensor with Global Shutter ensures ultra sharp images without motion blur.
MaxPRO v1.5.1.1 Released
Additional Office Location
In addition to our Michigan based offices we now have a second location in Marietta, Georgia. The Georgia offices will provide Sales and R&D while the Michigan offices will do Marketing, Sales and Production.
cameras We offer a variety of high speed, high resolution cameras that deliver powerful performance at popular prices.  
  Accessories/Add-Ons Total System Solutions  


Look no further. We provide total systems solutions including force plates, EMG, markers, etc. Affordable upgrade paths and add-ons available. Motion consulting and designing for OEM's.  
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