Distance Tool

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Locate the Distance icon at the top of the tool bar.  It is the hand with holding the ruler.  Click on it.  You have two options.  1 Point  and Origin is if you want to look at the distance between the origin and a point.  Please note that Origin is located in the lower left corner.  You can look at the point in question, in each frame, to find out how far it moved.  So select 1 Point and Origin, press OK and click on the desired point of interest.  Notice the line starts at the bottom left hand corner and continues up to your point of interest.  Half way between, you will notice the stated distance.  The small d= does indeed mean distance.  To erase the Distance, right click on the line and Delete.  The second option in Distances Type 2 Points.  Click on the hand with the ruler on your tool bar.  Select 2 Points. Click on the first point then click on the second point.  If you are having a hard time reading the number on the distance bar, you can go to Tools then Options, Distance, Colors, and pick the Background color you want.  Pick out a color that is in contrast to the background.  If you want to delete the line between the to points, put your tip of the cursor on the line, right click and Delete Distance


Your doing great Smiley !  Keep up the good work.  Ready to move on to the next Tool function?