How to Register MaxTRAQ Lite Edition

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MaxTRAQ Lite comes with a 15 day trial period.  This allows you to try the software before you buy.  In order for you to continue to use the software beyond the 15 day trial period you must purchase your copy of MaxTRAQ Lite.  If you were unable to fully evaluate the software during the 15 day trial period, you may ask for an extension.  Please note, Innovision Systems, Inc. cannot issue a permanent key unless we have received valid payment.


The following dialog box is displayed during the evaluation period.  This dialog can also be accessed from the Help-License Information menu.


License Lite


To unlock MaxTRAQ follow these steps:


1.Click on the Purchase Button.  This will take you to our online store.
2.After we have verified the information, we will email you back an Unlock Code.  You can save this email and click Load Key and open the saved file or click Enter Key to enter the license information.
3.Your copy of MaxTRAQ is now registered.