MaxMATE (Motion Analysis Toolbox for Excel) is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that can be used to analyze 2D and 3D motion analysis files. This product can now be used as a stand-alone motion analysis tool or be used in conjunction with any other Innovision Systems, Inc. products


It can also be used in conjunction with many other 3rd party products because of the versatile file import feature.  This feature allows you to not only import file formats such as C3D, TEMA, Selspot and Phantom files but virtually any Excel or ASCII file with 2D or 3D motion data


- Signal Processing

- Position vs. Position

- Position vs. Time

- Velocity vs. Time

- Acceleration vs. Time

- Angle vs. Time

- Angular Velocity vs. Time

- Angular Acceleration vs. Time

- Rotations (6DOF)

- Projected Points


All the analysis parameters can be viewed either graphically or numerically.  You can also use standard Excel formulas as well as use VBA to do further processing.  Additionally, many aspects of the program can be customized including the layout of the graphs.


Note! You must enable Excel macros to be able to run MaxMATE.


MaxMATE was developed by Innovision Systems, Inc..  For information about related products and services as well as the latest versions of MaxMATE, please visit our Web site at: