Graph Template



The Graph Template is an Excel template file that you can customize to fit your needs.  You can add graphics images such as company logos, add statistical formulas etc.  There are 2 requirements for the Graph Template file;


1.        The worksheet must be named “Chart Sheet”.

2.        There must be chart area named “Chart Area”.


To further customize the template, you can use the following named ranges:


DataAreaDefines the start and end column of where the data for the graph is stored.  If the range is a single column, the last column will be set to the column 256.  Note that only the columns of the range are being used thus the range only has to span over a single row.  If this range is not defined, then the starting column defaults to 8 and max number of markers will be set to 32.


Print_AreaThis range defines the Print Area of the chart.  The Print Area defines the cells that will be printed when you use the print command.  You can use Excel's Set Print Area command or define a named range called Print_Area.  Please refer to the Excel documentation for more information about Print Areas.


You can select a Graph Template file other than the default MRTEMPL.XLT by using the Preferences Menu and select Specify Default Template File.