Running & Walking Analysis with Motion Capture

Fit your customers with the correct shoes for their feet and teach proper running form – all with our affordable motion capture systems.

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Use Motion Capture in the Shoe Selection Process. Our system can be easily integrated into your daily sales process. With a motion capture system you can give your customers a true understanding of their gait and show them the improvements.

Add value and be more efficient. Our systems are user friendly with many features that will add value to the selling process.

Use Motion Capture to Teach Proper Running Form. Educate with video gait analysis. Running doesn't injure runners, and walking doesn't’ injure walkers. Running or walking with improper form can not only cause injury but also effect performance. With a motion capture system you can easily educate any runner/walker on their current form and how to make improvements. Just another value added service!

We have found video motion capture to be a great tool in our store. We use the Innovision motion capture system for several different uses. For one it helps us check for pronation and fit our customer with the proper shoe. Secondly we can use the camera from a side view and show runners were they can improve their inefficiencies. We are able to show how to properly line up your bodies mechanics and make running easier for beginners and veterans.

The software is very easy to use. All of our employees find it easy to jump on the computer and use the camera and software. In sales it is very important to be fast and efficient and Innovision Systems makes that happen.
Dustin Jenkins - Owner of Elite Feet Running Store- - and Running Coach (high school and post collegiate)

We will design a system based on your needs and your budget.


High-Speed System Options:

  Basic System Options:
  MaxRUN Single Camera $1,257     MaxRUN Single WebCam $466
Sharp 2D Video Motion Analysis. Includes One High-Speed Camera.   Easy to use 2D Video Motion Analysis. Includes One USB WebCam.
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  MaxRUN Dual Camera $2,415     MaxRUN Dual WebCam $833
Sharp 2D Video motion Analysis. Includes Two High-Speed Cameras for Side and Front Motion Analysis.   Easy to use 2D Video Motion Analysis. Includes Two USB WebCams for Side and Front Analysis
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Software Options:

  Camera Options:
  MaxTRAQ Lite+ $99.00     Sentech $914
MaxTraq lite plus icon Video Based 2D Manual Digitizing and Motion Analysis.   Sample Rate: 120 fps (frames per second).
Higher frame rates available
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  MaxTRAQ 2D $695     WebCam $178
MaxTraq 2D icon Video Based 2D Auto-Tracking and Motion Analysis.   MiniDV Sample Rate: 30 fps (frames per second)
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