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Powerful Motion Analysis
MaxTraq 3D icon All the advanced features of "high-end systems" at half the cost. MP is a powerful motion analysis tool with a proven 3D tracker. Uses non proprietary cameras. C3D compatible file format.
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Affordable 2D and 3D digitizing software for AVI files
MaxTraq 3D icon Use your digital camera, high-speed camera, video images or still pictures. Perfect for a lab course or class room training tool.
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Motion Analysis Toolbox for Excel
MaxMate icon Data analysis software. Open ended and easily customized. Used with any camera or sensor system. Has a “built-in” importer that can read "virtually" any text file.
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Maximum flexibility for managing, analyzing, and reporting
Visual 3D icon Provides maximum flexibility for managing, analyzing, and reporting motion data collected from 2D and 3D systems. Visual3D has evolved from a clinical research tool to become the most powerful and practical solution for many industries and research fields.
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Decorative icon Software Development - Systems Integration - Testing Services
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