Using Video Motion Analysis in the Bike Fitting Process
Dynamic Fit vs. Static Fit

A majority of fittings done today are static. The definition of static is (1) having no motion; being at rest; quiescent. (2) fixed; stationary. Cycling, as you know, is a continuous repetitive motion sport. The exact opposite of static. A dynamic bike fit is by far the best way to take the subjectivity and guesswork out of the bike fitting process.

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A dynamic fit (video motion analysis) can simply be achieved using a standard camcorder with our MaxTRAQ 2D software. Video motion analysis is the best tool to expose mechanical movements that are not visible to the naked eye. You are able to see arm and/or leg movements on a “frame by frame” basis, unlike other static technology used in bike fitting. Evaluate your client while pedaling, measuring the angles during motion for a more precise and accurate measurement of what their body is doing during the cycle activity. Our customers have found just the smallest changes in posture or position can show large improvements in overall performance and help reduce injuries.

Innovision Motion Capture Bike Fit and Positioning Systems provide the bike fitter with a degree of precision and repeatability previously unavailable. Innovision is significantly less expensive, putting state-of-the-art motion capture within the reach of every bicycle retailer. Innovision brings dollars through your door for thousands less than any other motion capture system but with the same capabilities.-- Tom Demerly, Dearborn, MI

We will design systems based on your needs and your budget.

Impress your customers with this very powerful tool. You can show the rider a visual of their pedaling technique in slow motion, making sure proper form is used to produce power, be biomechanically efficient and avoid injury.And the most important item- your customer will walk away feeling confident with their purchase and the service provide from their new favorite bike store.


High-Speed System Options:

  Basic System Options:
  MaxBIKE Single Camera $1,257     MaxBIKE Single WebCam $466
Easy to Use 2D Video Motion Analysis. Includes One High-Speed Camera.   Easy to use 2D Video Motion Analysis. Includes One USB WebCam.
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  MaxBIKE Dual Camera $2,415     MaxBIKE Dual WebCam $833
Easy to Use 2D Video Motion Analysis. Includes Two High-Speed Cameras for Side and Front Motion Analysis.   Easy to use 2D Video Motion Analysis. Includes Two USB WebCams for Side and Front Analysis
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Software Options:

  Camera Options:
  MaxTRAQ Lite+ $99.00     Basler $914
MaxTraq lite plus icon Video Based 2D Manual Digitizing and Motion Analysis.   Sample Rate: 120 fps (frames per second).
Higher frame rates available
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  MaxTRAQ 2D $695     USB WebCam $178
MaxTraq 2D icon Video Based 2D Auto-Tracking and Motion Analysis.   WebCam Sample Rate: 30 fps (frames per second)
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